NZACS/BTI | It's more than chapter and verse | Regional PD 2019



COURSE OVERVIEW | These workshops will support participants' understanding of a key component of 'quality Christian Education' in Aotearoa New Zealand by exploring different ways in which the Bible may inform and shape their practice and reflection on teaching or leading. In particular, participants will interact in depth with the different approaches presented in The Bible and the Task of Teaching (Written by David I Smith and John Shortt, available online as a free PDF).

Smith and Shortt's work, briefly introduced in the second workshop of 2018, was very well received by participants, with many indicating they would like to explore these ideas further, hence the topic for this year's programme. Through teaching, discussion and practical activities, participants will be supported to identify specific goals in relation to the theme of the PLD which they will then explore in their own classroom during Term 2. In Workshop 2 there will be opportunity to share progress towards these goals by contributing to structured, scaffolded, collaborative conversations which help them grow further in their understanding of quality Christian education. 

PROPOSED DATES | The proposed dates for sessions 1-2 in each region are shown below:
  • Northland | Thursday 28 March, Thursday 29 August
  • Auckland | Friday 29 March, Friday 30 August
  • Waikato/BOP |Thursday 21 March, Thursday 22 August
  • Lower North Island or Upper South Island | Friday 3 May, Friday 6 September
  • Mid or Lower South Island |Thursday 2 May, Thursday 5 September

VENUES | Further details including venues will be confirmed once registrations close. Courses will go ahead in regions where approximately 12 teachers register. Venues will be selected in order to minimise travelling times and costs for those who register. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to offer to host a course at your school.

COST | These interactive workshops are being offered at the low cost of $290 (incl GST) per teacher for the two days, i.e. $145 per teacher per day. Invoices will be emailed once courses have been finalised.

ENQUIRIES | Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details


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