2022 Education Symposium

Symposium re-scheduled to 7th & 8th April 2022


We live in a humanistic age where mankind defines right and wrong.  Our age has seen the rise of individualism, the sexual revolution, racial tension and identity confusion.  More than ever, as educators and boards of Christian schools, we need to respond like the Men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what to do. [1 Chronicles 12:32]

Clear some space in your calendar for this very important 2-DAY event and come along to:

* hear keynote speakers
* discuss the issues
* explore the NZ Legal framework
* consider real life scenarios that play out in schools

Designed for Boards & Proprietors, Principals, Senior Leaders & Teachers with a special interest.  This will serve both private and state-integrated schools.


2 Topics over 2 Days - $295.00 per person

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Recommended Reading List

BTI Master of Professional Practice

BTI CMYK blue star as JPEGAre You Ready?

Refresh your walk with God

Enrich your vision for Christian education

Apply insights, revelation and knowledge in your context

Develop your ability to articulate Biblical priorities in your practice

Yawn from some (just a few) early morning and late night study


If this sounds like you then you are READY for BTI's Master of Professional Practice

Learn more about BTI's Master of Professional Practice online

Download BTI's Master of Professional Practice flyer

BTI Online PD | 2020

BTI is offering PLD particularly for Intermediate, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Teachers who know there has ‘got to more than this’ to Christian Education. 

Exploration! Collaboration! Connection!

Explore how theoretical ideas about Christian education influence practice in your subject space, in your context or with your age range.

Connect your passion for Christian education with the reality of your teaching context.

The WHAT?  BTI is inviting participation in a community of learning designed to enable teachers to explore, collaborate and connect how Christian education priorities, principles and pedagogies can be woven into the reality of the educational spaces in which we teach. Facilitated by Peter Maslin, this PLD explores how Christian teachers can make curriculum choices to shape learning experiences which enable their students to “clothe the biblical worldview with visible lives” (Greene, 1998, p. 275).

The HOW?  Using the Digital Learning Platform, COLLABORATE, you will join a network of likeminded Christian teachers who are passionate about exploring how to better enable the Christian story to be lived in learning.  Before each face to face online session (FTFS), participants will be provided with an article chosen for its potential to stimulate, challenge and inspire transformative pedagogies. Between sessions (FTFB) you will explore, collaborate and connect with people and ideas as you develop transformational pedagogies.   Subsequent sessions will involve opportunity to share how you worked with the ideas and how they are influencing their teaching – and more importantly- students’ learning. 


  • FTFS - Once a term - late Feb, early June, early September and early November.
  • FTFB - Once a fortnight, meet in self-selected interest groups

COST?  $150 +GST per teacher (for the year)

Register your interest! Emai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

NZACS/BTI Regional PLD | 2021

Reimagining Education: Living and Learning the Biblical Story

NZACS and BTI offer PLD for teachers new to Christian Education (or those who want to refresh their vision and practice).

The WHAT? You are invited to explore the implications for teaching and learning which is contextualised within the Biblical narrative. Christian education is often understood as content (Biblical Studies) and practices (prayer, songs, and scripture reading) but at its heart it is so much more than these.  Within two face to face days (Term One and Term Three) you will explore the question, “What might teaching and learning look like when it is shaped by a biblically rooted understanding of:  God and His mission, people and their image bearing vocation and creation as the context for God’s grace?”

The HOW? This PDL is facilitated by Dr Marion Sanders through two, face to face interactive workshops in regional groups. 

The first of the days will be in March (Thursday or Friday)
The second day will be in September (Thursday or Friday)
Exact dates to be confirmed.

COST? $250 +GST per teacher.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.